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Why would you choose Bulgaria as a place to invest or to reside?
Fact 1 - Corporate tax
Bulgaria has one of the lowest corporate tax rates in the EU, namely 10%. Bulgaria also signed nearly 70 double tax treaties!
Fact 6 - Outsourcing
Bulgaria is the best destination in Europe to develop outsourcing activities based on the ‘Cushman & Wakefield’ ranking
Fact 2 - Personal income tax
Bulgaria has the LOWEST personal income tax rate in the EU, i.e. 10%, and a dividend tax of only 5%
Fact 7 - Less financial risk
The Bulgarian lev (BGN) is fixed to the EUR (1 EUR = 1.9558 BGN). Banking is possible in euros. You will find that all the major banks in Bulgaria provide English E-banking.
Fact 3 - Wages
The wages in Bulgaria are among the lowest in Europe. The minimum salary is also the lowest in the EU. Furthermore, the social security contributions on salaries are very low.
Fact 8 - Company incorporation
It takes only one day to register a new company. The minimum start-up capital is only 1 EUR and you will be provided with your VAT-number several working days later. In general, there are less restrictions and administrative procedures than for instance in Western Europe.
Fact 4 - Business costs
Bulgaria is a very cheap country to do business. The business costs are the lowest in the EU.
Fact 9 - EU-Funds
There are plenty of opportunities to get EU-funding for your projects in Bulgaria. Government policy is also focused on building a favourable business climate for foreign investors.
Fact 5 - Labour force
Bulgaria has a highly-qualified, well-motivated, flexible and multilingual labour force. A few figures: 60 000 students graduate annually from 51 universities, 98% of the high school students study a foreign language (usually English) and 73% study a third language (mainly German, French, Spanish, Russian).
Fact 10 - Safe and stable
Bulgaria has a low crime rate. Bulgaria is a stable democracy and full part of the EU, WTO and NATO with the second lowest government debt in the EU.
Setting up a company

Like we mentioned before, the incorporation of a Bulgarian
company can be easy and straight forward.
There is no limitation on the stakes of foreign legal entities and individuals in the company’s equity!
The two main types of companies are the Limited Liability Company
and the joint stock company.
Limited Liability Company - the so called EOOD or OOD,
depending on whether the company is owned by 1 or multiple
  • The company should have at least 1 Director and 1 Shareholder
  • No restrictions in terms of nationality of Directors or Shareholders
  • The minimum required capital is € 1
Joint Stock Company - the so called EAD or AD
Depending on whether the company is owned by 1 or multiple
  • The company should have at least 1 Chairman, 3 Board Membersand 1 Shareholder
  • No restrictions in terms of nationality of Board members or Share holders
  • The minimum required capital is € 25,000
  • Annual audit is absolutely obligatory for all companies
  • Bearer shares are possible
The new tax haven and heaven in Europe!

Bulgarian corporation Tax
Let’s have a look at a Belgian company as an example. The result will be quite similar for any other high-tax country like France, Germany, The Netherlands, Japan, Brazil...
  Belgium Bulgaria
PROFIT BEFORE TAXES 500 000 € 500 000 €
Corporatye tax rate 33.99 % 10.00 %
Corporate tax 169 950 € 50 000 €
Profit after taxes 330 050 € 450 000 €
Dividend tax rate 27.00 % 5.00 %
Dividend tax 89 114 € 22 500 €
Net income after taxes 240 936 € 427 500 €
Taxation of a Bulgarian company
How to take money out of a Bulgarian company ?
A few examples
Option 1 - Salary
A French, Belgian, Italian... taxpayer receives a salary from the Bulgarian company. If you are the director of a Bulgarian company, you can receive a salary and pay your taxes in Bulgaria!
You only pay 10% tax (salary is of course an expense for the company),  and this is 100% legal. You will keep paying your social contributions in the country where you live!
You will need to prove that you (partly) resided in Bulgaria to earn
that salary. Your tax inspector could ask for proofs like: airplane tickets, hotel, restaurant, mobile phone....
Option 2 - Dividends
You will pay a dividend tax in the country where you live!
Option 3 - 15% tax
If the director incurs expenses paid by the company without an invoice, he will pay 15% tax. This could be favourable in some cases.
Become a Bulgarian tax payer as an individual,
this is the top of the tops!
Why not choose for fiscal residency in Bulgaria?
You will pay 10% tax and very low social contributions!
Fiscal residence has nothing to do with NATIONALITY, you will still be
German, French, Dutch, Italian... You will only pay your taxes (10%) in Bulgaria.

How to become a Bulgarian tax payer!

There are a few criteria to become a tax payer in Bulgaria:
• Your wife/husband could be the problem... solve it with a divorce!
Because you are supposed to live together with your spouse in the
same location.
• Deregister in your current country of residence.
• Register in Bulgaria.
• Get a Bulgarian ID card.
• Pay Bulgarian tax.
• No directorships anymore in your present country.
• You can still have some real estate in your present country.
• Rent/buy a house in Bulgaria.
• Presence in Bulgaria.
• Small forms of proof: restaurant/supermarket/cell phone/language courses/memberships/doctorvisits.
Invest in Bulgaria.
You want to live in Bulgary as a Citizen ?
Who are we and what can we do for you in Bulgaria ?
Discovery package Bulgaria
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Bulgaria as an investment country!
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